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1. My husband had so much trouble with his sciatica that he could hardly walk 30 feet at a time. We used equal parts of: LEMONGRASS, BIRCH and CYPRESS twice daily for 10 days, and he was free of pain. We’ve suggested this blend to two other people who have also had great results. He applied it on his back and bottoms of his feet (particularly his arch and heel).

2. I had sciatica for almost 30 years, saw a chiropractor 2-3 times weekly most of those years, and while that kept me mobile, I was always dealing with the tenderness and frequently with pain. Raindrop Technique turned my sciatica issues totally around. I also consistently used BONES & JOINTS and PAIN-X morning and night and started drinking Linda’s suggestion of ½ my body weight in ounces of water daily with a little TANGERINE oil added to help me alkalize and detox.

3. Here’s a great “cure” that I’ve found works:
    1-2 drops CISTUS
    2-3 drops PEPPERMINT
Layer the Peppermint over the Cistus at the lower part of the spine. These two oils work amazingly well for about 98% of the people I see with sciatica, and the other 2% get an immediate reduction in pain. If you use an oil and don’t notice a response in a minute or two, use another oil.

4. For my sciatica I use: TARRAGON, SILVER FIR and SPEARMINT. This has consistently worked well for me.

5. I used the CISTUS followed by PEPPERMINT idea I read in your testimonies for sciatica, and that worked great!

6. After falling off a horse, I frequently battled sciatica pain. FRANKINCENSE worked the best and most consistently for me. Basically it’s dealing with the inflammation.

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