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Ovarian Cyst
Ovarian Cyst

1. I got rid of a 3-centimeter cyst on an ovary by using 8 drops each of FRANKINCENSE, GERANIUM and CYPRESS diluted with 24 drops of a carrier oil. I did a retention tampon nightly for 4 nights, off for 2 nights and 4 more nights. I also rubbed this blend on topically and on my ankle bone on both sides of my feet, working down from the ankle bone to the arches of my feet. In 10 days my pain was completely gone.

2. I used 8 drops each of FRANKINCENSE, GERANIUM and CYPRESS in 24 drops of olive oil. I put this topically on my ankle bones and over my ovaries, and I also used this blend as a retention tampon using natural tampons.

3. I have suffered with painful ovarian cysts a number of times over the years. They are very uncomfortable and gradually become “unbearable” before they burst. The last time I had one I used RESPIRATORY RELIEF and FRANKINCENSE topically over the ovary area that where I felt the pain. I didn’t sleep well at all, but by morning the pain was gone and I felt fine. I haven’t had another bout with them since that time!

4. I feel for anyone suffering with cysts on their ovaries. The pain can be overwhelming. These essential oils work! I used FRANKINCENSE and CLEANSING topically over my ovaries 3-4 times daily. After 4 months, I was pain free.

5. I went in to see my gynecologist after experiencing unexplained cramping for five months. An ultrasound and CT scan showed that I had a cyst on my ovary. My doctor scheduled surgery to remove it in 4 weeks. I was glad to finally know what it was, but I was not looking forward to having surgery. I decided to talk to a good friend of mine who was into alternative things including essential oils. She suggested I use 8 drops each of FRANKINCENSE, LAVENDER and CYPRESS with a carrier oil. I soaked an all-natural tampon and retained it all night long for four nights straight. The next three nights I did the same thing but used GERANIUM instead of the Cypress. I also applied MASTER blend over my ovaries where I experienced the pain every time I used the bathroom. At night I applied this and laid a hot compress over the painful ovary. When I went back to the doctor three weeks later, there was not a sign of that cyst on my ovary!

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