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1. I’d read some testimonies and actually knew of some people who have had good results by applying RESPIRATORY RELIEF on their bunions, so I told my mother about it. She got definite relief, but it didn’t go away.

2. I used MUSCLE RELAX on my bunion and saw noticeable improvement in about 3 days. I hasn’t gone away, but it not longer bothers me and I forget to apply the oil consistently.

3. Someone told me that bunions were an inflammatory response to a virus and occurs when a person is acidic and/or lacks minerals. Linda has a nice alkaline/acidic food chart.

4. According to a book by Ross A Hauser, Prolo Your Pain Away!, our ligaments get too stretched, losing their elasticity like worn out rubber bands. Injury can cause this or use of non-steroid pain relievers such as ibuprofen and cortisone. The loose ligaments can’t do their job of holding things in place, so the tendons suffer also and eventually the muscles over compensate. The muscles pinch nerves and tighten up on joints so much that bone can be pushed out of place or chipped off! This is one cause of bunions and plantar fasciatis. This is a description of where I was. I used LEMONGRASS oil directly on my feet 2 times daily for 2.5 months with total relief after over three years of misery and trying all sorts of things for relief. (I now recommend that anyone who tries this dilute the Lemongrass!) My bunions didn’t dissolve, but they are no longer painful.

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