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I'm Linda, wife to a wonderful husband and mom to eight children. My introduction to using essential oils came through a friend who wanted to help me with a painful, stiff neck. I'd been to a chiropractor that looked at my x-ray and said he'd never seen a neck that bad on anyone my age. (I was 46 at the time.) He said he might expect to see a neck like mine on a ninety-year-old woman and wondered how I coped with it. He thought he could get me out of some pain but otherwise didn't offer me a lot of hope. I let him work on me for a couple months and quit because there was no relief or progress being made.

A close friend suggested I try Peppermint essential oil. She had terrible allergies and could only use the "best" and purest of anything, and the oil she offered me was the highest quality she was aware of. I loved it. I used Peppermint liberally all day long. I put it in a roller-ball applicator and kept it in my pocket so I could rub it over my neck whenever I wanted to. It really helped me deal with the pain, but what I didn't realize is that it was increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, which served to aid in the healing. After six weeks of what had been heavy use, I realized that I rarely even thought of using it. My neck was hardly ever in pain, and I had almost regained full range of movement.

My next major experience with the oils came when my 6-month-old baby got the whooping cough. She was very sick. My "essential oil friend" did some research for us and suggested a few oils for us to try. Eventually we purchased a diffuser and diffused a blend of Eucalyptus oils along with Peppermint, Lavender and a few others (now our RESPIRATORY RELIEF blend). Not only did this blend seem to help my daughter a lot, but also as a side benefit, after diffusing it in our bedroom (for my daughter), I realized that my lungs had full capacity to take in a breath. I'd had pneumonia six years prior that had left my breathing capacity shallow. I was very impressed.

Over time, I shared my testimony and enthusiasm with my friends who also found the oils to be very beneficial. I purchased several books and gained a basic, foundational knowledge about the use of the oils. Much of what I've learned came by the experience I gained by helping my family and close friends.
I found by experience that the quality of an oil really does make a difference. For example, the Peppermint brand purchased at the local drug store had no effect on poison ivy, but our high-quality Peppermint dried it up quickly.

As I and my friends and family had good experiences with using the oils, we'd share our testimonies and experiences with others. Before long, I was purchasing a LOT of oils for everyone. It occurred to me that since we own a little store, have a wholesale license and enough volume of "sales" that perhaps I could find high-quality oils and blend them together myself, therefore saving all of us a lot of money. After quite a bit of prayer about it and searching, with the help of a good friend in Michigan, it all came together in October 2004.

My goal was to provide the highest quality oils I could find at near wholesale prices so that just about anyone could afford these wonderful, healing oils. The oils I order are tested. I can see the analysis report and be assured that every oil I order is the highest quality available. I blend and bottle them myself and find a lot of fulfillment in what I do. Several of our children are now involved in some way to help me keep track of inventory, place orders, and they especially love to "test" my new blends.

If I can help provide information or testimonies that will lead you to choose an essential oil or blend that will ultimately bring you or a loved one into a better place of health -- I am richly blessed.

Many blessings to you!

Linda and family

Statement of Quality
Heritage Essential Oils insists on using only the finest quality, therapeutic-grade, pure essential oils available. We select Certified Organic, Organic (same as certified organic except not certified), Wild Crafted (self-propagating, uncultivated, grown and harvested by hand in the wild), and ethically farmed essential oils. All of Heritage Essential Oils are GC/MS analyzed and certified to be pesticide free. Our essential oils far exceed AFNOR and ISO quality standards and are subjected to rigorous mass spectrometry and gas chromatography testing to ensure exact composition and activity. We believe our oils are among the safest and most beneficial essential oils available.

All our essential oils are GC/MS analyzed for quality assurance and meet strict aroma and analytical requirements before they are accepted for purchase. Analysis of Gas Chromatographs (GC) provides valuable information about the nature of the pure essential oils that we purchase from around the world. GC’s usually vary from batch to batch due to climate conditions and location in which the plant was grown and harvested. While we recognize that conditions and GC’s may vary, there is a standard of value that each oil must meet in order to pass the “test” of highest quality and effectiveness.


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