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Viral Infections

  • Require "living" hosts (people)
  • Replaces a cell's original DNA or RNA with its own genetic instructions, which are usually to make as many copies of the virus as possible.
  • Seeks an acceptable host cell and seizes it. Once this cells bursts, thousands of new viruses repeat this process on surrounding healthy cells.
  • Viruses are not considered "living" and therefore cannot be "killed." They "run their course" until the immune system mounts a successful defense.
  • Modern Medicine approach: Vaccines
  • Contagious viral infections: influenza, HIV, warts, small pox
WARRIOR is a powerful infection-fighting blend that includes all the essential oils that the "famous" thieves used to protect themselves as they robbed plague victims during the 15th century. We've added Oregano and Frankincense for an extra boost of power.
Bacterial Infections

  • Grow on non-living hosts such as door knobs and countertops.
  • Bacteria are "living" microorganisms that reproduce by dividing.
  • One-celled with complete sets of RNA and DNA genetic codes
  • Bacterium is at least 100 times larger than a typical virus
  • 99% of all bacteria are considered beneficial to humans (or at least harmless)
  • Bacteria feed on tissues and excrete toxins and acids
  • Modern Medicine Approach: Anti-biotics ("against life") kill bacteria - the good and the bad
  • Contagious bacterial infections: strep, tuberculosis, E.coli, pertussis (whooping cough)
BACTERIA TOP GUN has the top six bacteria-fighting oils. The oils in this blend "know" the difference between friendly bacterium and hostile, invading bacterium. They only kill off the invaders, leaving the beneficial flora intact. The immune system is strengthened.